Nutrition Plan


Official Eating Plan

Now that your know why we have the best blend of teas is time to lay down our diet plan for you!

We have created this diet plan that is easy to follow and you also print our free eBook/PDF below

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¼ Cup of Oatmeal

4 egg whites

Snack 1

1TB of peanut butter on 1 rice cake

OR 1 apple with 10 raw almonds


4-6 oz. of protein on a salad of your choice (low calorie dressing)

Brazilian Tea Afternoon Blend

Snack 2

Option (2) 1TB of peanut butter/almond butter

1 rice cake


4-6 oz. of protein and veggie

Snack 3

Protein Shake

Protein bar *

Mix and Match Ideas

You can mix and substitute you diet, but do not forget to drink your tea with all your meals!

Breakfast on the go ideas:

Protein bars, boiled eggs and protein shakes are great options for busy schedule! Just make sure that your protein bar and shake is low in sugar and fats!


Always have snacks around!! Apples, carrots, and nuts are a great fiber source that will keep you full until your next meal! Have always protein bars around! It will save you on the way!

Dinner and Lunch:

Steamed veggies and grilled lean meat is always very easy!

When is doubt go with a salad!

Slimming Tips!

Greens first!

Salads are easy options for busy girls! Don’t forget to get a low calorie dressing, skip cheese, croutons and tortillas! Keep it greens as much as possible! Lemon dressing, olive oil and vinegar makes the best salad dressing, it detoxifies you and is zero calories!

Say good bye to salt! Salt Free food always! Watch out for the sodium content of the foods; never add more salt to any salad or any food you consume. Salt makes your body retain water!


– All flavored sugary drinks for sugar free TEA! You will lose and maintain your goal weight with this tip!

– Salt condiments for SALT FREE condiments

– Empty carbs for full carbs


-All white carbs!

-Eating late

-Skipping meals

Exercise Plan

Monday- Arms (Shoulders/Bicepts/Tricept/push-ups + 30 minutes of Cardio

Tuesday- Legs Lunges/squats/Hamstrings/quads/calves/glutes + 3 minutes sprints on the bike in between

Wednesday- Abs + 45 minutes cardio

Thursday – Back (Rows/lat pull downs wide and close grip/rear deltoids raises+ 30 minutes cardio

Friday – Legs (Dead lifts/hamstrings/leg press/calves/gluteus) 45 minutes cardio

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